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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review: Seers

Title: Seers

Author: Heather Frost
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Publication Date: October 3, 2011
Genre: Young Adult
Source: netgalley

Goodreads Description:
For Kate Bennet, surviving the car wreck that killed her parents means big changes and even bigger problems. As she begins to see auras and invisible people, Kate must learn to trust Patrick O'Donnell, a handsome Guardian, or risk her life being overrun with Demons. She soon realizes that both she and her heart are in big-time trouble.

My thoughts:
Kate can see auras and invisible people after a recent car accident that killed both her parents and left her and her twin sisters to be taken care of by their grandparents. Patrick is a Guardian sent to protect her and teach her the ways of being a Seer, which is what she is. There is an instant attraction between the two, but Kate already has a boyfriend, Aaron (who is very sweet and caring but a little na├»ve in my opinion). Other characters in the story are Grandpa, Grandma, the twins, Lee (Kate’s best friend), and Toni (Patrick’s partner). Demons seem to be after Kate for some reason and it is up to Patrick to protect her.

I loved the story and read it in two days. Kate is a strong character that has been through a lot. The only time I was really getting upset at her was when she kept denying her feelings and the attraction that was between her and Patrick. Patrick could be my hero anytime. He was a favorite of mine.

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