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Friday, August 5, 2011

If I had a Magic Lamp {3}

A meme hosted by Ya-Aholic.  You can do any amount of wishes you want.  Just wish with all your might and maybe, just maybe they might come true!

1.  For my first wish...have extra time in the day to make it through my tbr pile which is stacking up precariously close to the ceiling almost (okay maybe a little exaggeration!).  But seriously there is not enough time in the day - so many books, so little time!

2.  For my second have a laundry fairy to do all my laundry from now on!  It is so draining since my husband insists on the clothes being folded once they get out of the dryer since he HATES wrinkles (this is why I need my first wish to come true - laundry takes away from reading).  AND when I put it off my laundry pile gets precariously close to the ceiling like the tbr pile!!! 

3.  For my third and final wish of the week...I won't even take a third wish if I can get the first two (: please!

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